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SOLO FLIGHT - 30min for 2 people

30 min per person : flight over the lagoon to admire, the Blue Hole of Oundjo and famous Heart of VOH

15 000 XPF per person


1 hour by plane above the lagoon to look for for large marine animals (dugong, whales, manta rays, sharks, etc.) the Blue Hole of Oundjo and the Heart of Voh

25 000 XPF

DUO or TRIO FLIGHT 1h: an activity for 2 or 3 people

The two or three aircraft take off almost simultaneously and fly over the most spectacular sights. You'll be able to see each other and take pictures. Stay in contact with your partner throughout the flight over the microphone in your helmet.

25 000 xpf per person


40 min + 20 min briefing

25 000 XPF

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Do you dream of flying on your own? You can - in a Hotel Hibiscus Coeur de VOH ultralight!

Our qualified instructors will train you for your pilot’s licence in our special ultralight reserved for lessons.


A French federal school since 2016, the Hotel Hibiscus – Coeur de VOH ultralight flying school has a comfortable, purpose-designed room for delivery of theory classes required for the licence.


Take the plunge; we’ll do everything we can to open the door for you.


If you're interested in flying lessons, contact us on 47 22 61 or email us.

We wanted to take advantage of the unique geographical features that New Caledonia has to offer, so we established an ultralight aircraft business and an ultralight flying school with a team of state-qualified professionals.


We have 4 high-performance microlight aircraft, the only ones in New Caledonia. Our "Virus Short Wing" PIPISTREL planes are the fastest 2-seater planes in the world, capable of covering 200km in 45 minutes.

This means you can explore all the heritage sites in the Northern province in record time.


Recommended by NASA for the new S-Wing (SW), our Virus SWs are superior to any other ultralights offered by leisure centres in New Caledonia. The Virus SW is as much a 2-seater aircraft as an ultralight.


More information at : http://www.pipistrel.fr/index.php?id=75


We wanted to share with you the beauty of the fertile mountain region of the Northern province around KONE and the famous Heart of VOH*, which is how we came up with the idea to establish the first leisure flight operation using this type of aircraft.


The lagoon of New Caledonia - a UNESCO World Heritage site - and the "Blue Hole" of Oundjo will astound you.


Our guests tell us their experience of the Northern province can be divided into “before” and “after” an ultralight flight in with Hibiscus of Koné.


That’s the greatest tribute we could hope for.


Useful information: children can start flying at 6  years old.

Who's talking about us: http://www.unjourencaledonie.com/vol-ulm-coeur-de-voh/



*A natural clearing in the mangroves around the lagoon, photographed by Yann Arthus Bertrand for his book, "La Terre vue du ciel" [The Earth seen from the sky] published in  1999; the best selling illustrated book ever with over 3 million copies sold.

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